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Redigi lets you re-sell MP3s (via DMW)

"Earlier this month, the Supreme Court declined to hear a case that involved consumers’ rights to resell a digital product. Lawyers may get another chance to ponder these questions with tomorrow’s launch of ReDigi, which claims to be the world’s first online marketplace for used digital music.

Despite that claim, ReDigi is not the first such service, but there are two crucial distinctions between the startup and its precursors like Bopaboo and Lexink’s Unloder. One is that it only deals with digital music that it can confirm was purchased legally from a digital retailer. The other is that it deletes the file from the seller’s computer when the transaction is completed.

ReDigi’s technology enables a music file to transfer from one user to another without allowing multiple copies to exist at the same time. The service requires customers use its ReDigi Music Manager client, a platform that according to the company first verifies that the digital song was legally purchased and then removes the music file from the original owner’s computer and synced devices. Previously owned songs are stored by ReDigi until they are resold, at which point the track and license are transferred to its new owner.”

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UPDATE: The RIAA are now attempting to shut this down. READ more on The New York Times and Hollywood Reporter